JAVA   (Committed Comics)

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Java comes across as what would happen if some of Marvel, DC, or Image’s top artists and writers wrote an adventure story about their coffee break. Not that this necessarily is a bad thing. The title is produced by Committed Comics and is a three issue mini–series and created and illustrated by Kensuke Okabayashi. The main characters in this comic adventure strip all have coffee–related names such as La–Te, Team Advisor; Dr. D, Team Coffee Expert; Java, Team Power Girl; MoDean, Team Mechanic; and Kinkaid, Team Leader. All are members of the B.E.A.N. Force. The rather silly concept is played relatively straight to garner the most laughs.

— Mark Arnold

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 Kensuke OkabayashiKensuke Okabayashi


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 Kensuke OkabayashiKensuke Okabayashi


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 Kensuke OkabayashiKensuke Okabayashi