BRUH   (Schism, 1993-1996)

™ Mik Pascal. Cover is ©1993 Mik Pascal and Dean Armstrong. Stories © Mik Pascal. Art © Dean Armstrong

Mike Pascale first drew Bru-Hed in 1986, on the back of the sketchbook of his friend, Dean Armstrong. They both got a laugh out of it at the time, but it was not until seven years later that this funny, beer-swigging character actually appeared in this ashcan test-market edition.

Bru-Hed is a “guy’s guy”: ultra-conservative, skirt-chasing, obnoxious, and often more than a little gone on “Pudweiser, All-American Beer.” Nevertheless, our hero is always ready for action, as we see when he defends the Earth against alien attack by luring the space travelers into his basement. There, they drink all his beer, get loaded, and zap everything in sight.

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1 copy available for $2.99
1st Appearance of Bru-Hed; 1st appearance of Grrim & GrrittyMike PascaleDean Armstrong, Mike Pascale

#1 Special Cover

1 copy available for $3.50
Metallic foil logo on cover  


No copies available
B&WMike PascaleDean Armstrong, Mike Pascale


No copies available
Pete Bickford thanked on letters pageMike PascaleDean Armstrong, Mike Pascale


1 copy available for $3.50
Final IssueMike PascaleDean Armstrong, Mike Pascale

Ashcan #1

No copies available
Ashcan, b&w Dean Armstrong, Mike Pascale

Book #1

1 copy available for $9.99
The Collected Bru-Hed; Collects Bru-Hed #1-4, Ashcan version of #1Clifford Meth, Mike PascaleDean Armstrong, Mike Pascale