Titles containing “Superman”

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TitlePublisherYears Published
100 Things Superman Fans Should Know and Do Before They DieTriumph2016
Absolute Superman/BatmanDC2016
Absolute Superman For TomorrowDC2010
Action Comics: 80 Years of SupermanDC2018
Adventures of SupermanDC1987-2006
Adventures of Superman (2nd Series)DC2013–2015
Adventures of Superman (Canadian Edition)DC1987
Adventures of Superman by George PerezDC2020
Adventures of Superman: Gil KaneDC2012
Adventures of Superman: José Luis García-LópezDC2013
All-Star SupermanDC2006–2011
All-Star Superman (Panini Deutschland)Panini2006
Al Plastino: Last Superman StandingTwoMorrows2016
Amazing World of SupermanDC1973
Archives DC (Panini): SupermanPanini 
Archivi di Superman, GliPlay1994
Batman & SupermanFleetway Quality1994-1995
Batman & Superman Adventures: World’s FinestDC1997
Batman and Superman Annual (Titan Books)Titan Books2017
Batman & Superman in World’s Finest Comics: The Silver AgeDC2017-2018
Batman and Superman Summer SpecialLondon Editions1990
Batman and Superman: World’s FinestDC1999-2000
Batman/Superman (2nd Series)DC2019-2021
Batman/Superman (Panini)Panini2005
Batman, Superman & PhilosophyOpen Court2016
Batman/Superman: Authority SpecialDC2021
Batman/Superman: Futures EndDC2014
Batman Superman: The Silver Age OmnibusDC2016
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: TrinityDC2003, 2005
Batman/Superman: World’s FinestDC2022
Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest BattlesDC2015, 2016
Blackest Night: SupermanDC2009
Boys of Steel: The Creators of SupermanRandom House2008
Collection DC Essentiels: La Mort de Superman (Urban)Urban2013
Convergence: Adventures of SupermanDC2015
Convergence: SupermanDC2015
Convergence: Superman: Man of SteelDC2015
Dark Horse Comics/DC Superman, TheDark Horse2016
Darkness/Superman, TheImage2005
DC Comics Before SupermanHermes2018
DC Comics Presents: Son of SupermanDC2011
DC Comics Presents: Supergirl/SupermanDC2012
DC Comics Presents: SupermanDC2004
DC Comics Presents: Superman (2nd Series)DC2010
DC Comics Presents: Superman AdventuresDC2012
DC Comics Presents: Superman/DoomsdayDC2011
DC Comics Presents: Superman — InfestationDC2011
DC Comics Presents: Superman: Lois & Clark 100-Page SpectacularDC2016
DC Comics Presents: Superman — Secret IdentityDC2011–2012
DC Comics Presents: Superman — Sole SurvivorDC2011
DC Comics Presents: Superman — The KentsDC2012
DC First: Flash/SupermanDC2002
DC First: Superman/LoboDC2002
DC Heroes: Superman (Panini)Panini 
DC Icons: Superman: Red Son (Panini)Panini 
DC Retroactive: Superman—The ’70sDC2011
DC Retroactive: Superman—The ’80sDC2011
DC Retroactive: Superman—The ’90sDC2011
DC Super Friends: Superman! (Golden)Golden2013
DC Super Heroes: SupermanCapstone2012-2013
DC Universe Presents Batman SupermanTitan2007
DC Universe Special: SupermanDC2008
Death and Return of Superman Omnibus, TheDC2007
Death of SupermanDC1993
Death of Superman: The WakeDC2020
Dollar Comics: SupermanDC2020
Elseworlds: SupermanDC2018
Energy & Safety Adventures: Superman & FriendsDC2006
Final Crisis: Superman BeyondDC2008
Flashpoint: Project SupermanDC2011
Further Adventures Of Superman, TheBantam1993
Future State: Batman/SupermanDC2021
Future State: SupermanDC2021
Future State: Superman: House of ElDC2021
Future State: Superman of MetropolisDC2021
Future State: Superman vs. Imperious LexDC2021
Future State: Superman/Wonder WomanDC2021
Future State: Superman: Worlds of WarDC2021
General Mills Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeDC2016
Giant Superman AlbumK.G. Murray1964-1981
Golden Age of Superman, TheArtabras1993
Gospel According to Superman, TheA. J. Holman1973
Greatest Superman Stories Ever ToldDC1988-1989
Great Superman Comic Book Collection, TheDC 
Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green FlameDC2000
I Love to Read—Batman and SupermanRedan1997-2001
I Love to Read: Superman Summer SpecialRedan1999
Incredible Hulk vs. SupermanMarvel1999
JSA Kingdom Come Special: SupermanDC2009
Justice League: Darkseid War: SupermanDC2016
Justice League: Gods & Monsters - SupermanDC2015
Justice League of America: Superman: The Never-Ending BattlePocket2004
Just Imagine Stan Lee With John Buscema Creating SupermanDC2001
Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of SupermanDC1994
MAD Presents Superman and the Miserable, Rotten, No Fun, Really Bad DayMad2017
MAD Super Spectacular: Superman Man of SteelE.C.2013
Man and Superman 100-Page Super SpectacularDC2019
Man and Superman and Other Stories: The EC Comics LibraryFantagraphics2019
Mann and SupermanDC2000
Millennium Edition: SupermanDC2000
Millennium Edition: Superman (1st Series)DC2000-2001
Millennium Edition: Superman’s Pal Jimmy OlsenDC2000
Morte di Superman, LaPlay1993
Office SupermanRunning2004
Official Superman IV Poster Magazine, TheO’Quinn1987
Official Superman Quiz Book, TheWarner1978
Realworlds: SupermanDC2000
Science of Superman, TheiBooks2004
Secret Origins of SupermanLeaf Candy1981
Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents: The Superman Team-UpsDC2009
Showcase Presents SupermanDC2005-2006
Showcase Presents: Superman FamilyDC2006
Silver Age of Superman, TheArtabras1995
Silver Surfer/SupermanMarvel1996
Sins of Youth: Superman, Jr./Superboy, Sr.DC2000
Son of SupermanDC2000
Sunday Classics, The: SupermanKitchen Sink1998
Superman (1st Series)DC1939-1986
Superman (1st Series, Canadian Edition)DC1983–1985
Superman (2nd Series)DC1987-Present
Superman (2nd Series, Canadian Edition)DC1987-1988
Superman (3rd Series)DC2011–2018
Superman (4th Series)DC2016-2019
Superman (5th Series)DC2018-2022
Superman (Atlas UK)Atlas (UK) 
Superman (Carlsen)Carlsen1993-1997
Superman (Cenisio)Cenisio Editrice1976-1984
Superman (Dino)Dino1999-2000
Superman (Ebal, 1st Series)Ebal1947-1955
Superman (Ebal, 2nd Series)Ebal1956-1964
Superman (Ebal, 3rd Series)Ebal1964-1972
Superman (Ebal, 4th Series)Ebal1972-1977
Superman (Ebal, 5th Series)EBAL1977-1979
Superman (ECC Ediciones)ECC Ediciones2012
Superman (Editions USA)Editions USA 
Superman (Editorial Televisa)Editorial Televisa2012-Present
Superman (Ehapa)Ehapa1966-1985
Superman (Federal)Federal1984-1986
Superman (Feest)Reiner Feest1986-1988
Superman (Hethke, 1st Series)Hethke1989-1991
Superman (Hethke, 2nd Series)Hethke1989-1991
Superman (Interpresse)Interpresse1969-1980
Superman (Kellogg Giveaway)DC1955
Superman (K.G. Murray, 1st Series)K.G. Murray1947-1960
Superman (K.G. Murray, 2nd Series)K.G. Murray1977-1981
Superman (Ladybird)Ladybird1989
Superman (London Editions)London Editions1988-1993
Superman (Murray)Murray1982-1986
Superman (Panini, 1st Series)Panini2001-2003
Superman (Panini, 2nd Series)Panini2003-2004
Superman (Panini Brazil)Panini2002-present
Superman (Panini Deutschland, 3rd Series)Panini2012-Present
Superman (Panini France)Panini2005-2007
Superman (Play)Play1993-1999
Superman (Semic)Semic2003
Superman (Signet)Signet 
Superman (Tempo)Tempo1978
Superman (Urban)Urban2012
Superman (Zinco, 1st Series)Zinco1982
Superman (Zinco, 2nd Series)Zinco1992
Superman: 3-2-1 Action!DC2008
Superman 3-DDC1998
Superman ’78DC2021
Superman 80-Page GiantDC2010
Superman 400 PortfolioDC1984
Superman: A Celebration of 75 YearsDC2014
Superman: Action ComicsDC2019
Superman: Action Comics: World Against SupermanDC2019
Superman AdventuresDC1996-2002
Superman Adventures (Pocket Books)DC2004
Superman/Aliens 2: God WarDark Horse2002
Superman: American AlienDC2016
Superman: A Nation DividedDC1999
Superman andK.G. Murray1982-1983
Superman & Batman (Panini)Panini2007-2010
Superman and Batman AnnualBrown Watson1974-1978
Superman & Batman: GenerationsDC1999
Superman & Batman: Generations IIDC2001-2002
Superman & Batman: Generations IIIDC2003-2004
Superman & Batman: Generations OmnibusDC2021
Superman & Batman MagazineWelsh1993-1995
Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and PredatorDC2007
Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and WerewolvesDC2008-2009
Superman and Batman: World’s FunnestDC2000
Superman & Bugs BunnyDC2000
Superman & Savage Dragon: ChicagoDC2002
Superman & Savage Dragon: MetropolisDC1999
Superman and Spider-ManMarvel 
Superman and the AuthorityDC2021
Superman and the Great Cleveland FireDC1948
Superman and the Legion of Super-HeroesDC2008
Superman AnnualAtlas1951-1997, 2007
Superman An Origin StoryStone Arch2015
Superman ArchivesDC1989-1994, 2000, 2003
Superman Archives (Semic)Semic2004
Superman: At Earth’s EndDC1995
Superman at Fifty: The Persistence of a LegendOctavia1987
Superman Aventures (Urban)Urban2016
Superman: Back in ActionDC2007
Superman/Batman (Panini)Panini2005-2010
Superman/Batman (Planeta DeAgostini, Vol. 2)Planeta DeAgostini2009
Superman/Batman (Semic)Semic 
Superman/Batman: Alternate HistoriesDC1996
Superman/Batman by Michael TurnerDC2017
Superman Batman OmnibusDC2020
Superman/Batman: Saga of the Super SonsDC2007
Superman/Batman Secret FilesDC2003
Superman/Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever ToldDC 
Superman: Best Buy GiveawayDC2006
Superman BeyondDC2011
Superman Beyond: Man of TomorrowDC2013
Superman: BirthrightDC2003-2004
Superman: Bizarro’s WorldDC1996
Superman BlankDC2018
Superman: Blood of My AncestorsDC2003
Superman BlueDC2018
Superman: BrainiacDC2009
Superman by Grant Morrison OmnibusDC2021
Superman by Mark MillarDC2018
Superman: Camelot FallsDC2007
Superman Chronicles, TheDC2006
Superman Classic (Play)Play1994-1997
Superman Classic: Pranking NewsHarperCollins2016
Superman: Codename PatriotDC2010
Superman ConfidentialDC2007–2008
Superman: Critical ConditionDC2003
Superman: Daily PlanetDC2006
Superman: Dark Knight Over MetropolisDC2013
Superman: Day of DoomDC2003
Superman: Deadly LegacyDC1996
Superman: Distant FiresDC1998
Superman DoomedDC2014
Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/PreyDC1994
Superman/Doomsday—The Collected EditionDC2006
Superman: Earth OneDC2010
Superman: El Hombre De AceroZinco1993
Superman: Emperor JokerDC2000, 2007, 2015
Superman: EndgameDC2001
Superman: Ending BattleDC2009
Superman: Endless Winter SpecialDC2020
Superman: End of the CenturyDC2000
Superman: Eradication! (The Origin of the Eradicator)DC1996
Superman: Escape From Bizarro WorldDC2008
Superman et Batman et Robin (Sagédition)Sagédition 
Superman: ExileDC1998
Superman: Exile and Other Stories OmnibusDC2018
Superman Family, TheDC1974-1982
Superman Family AdventuresDC2012–2013
Superman/Fantastic FourDC1999
Superman: Faster Than… With Jeff GordonDC2006
Superman: Fin du Siècle (Semic)Semic 
Superman For All SeasonsDC1998-1999
Superman for EarthDC1991
Superman ForeverDC1998
Superman for the AnimalsDC2000
Superman: For TomorrowDC2005, 2013
Superman from the 30’s to the 70’sCrown1971
Superman from the 30’s to the 80’sDC1983
Superman: Funeral For A FriendDC2016
Superman: Futures EndDC2014
Superman Gallery, TheDC1993
Superman Géant (Sagédition, 2nd Series)Sagédition 
Superman GiantDC2018
Superman Giant (2nd Series)DC2020
Superman: GodfallDC2004
Superman: GroundedDC2011
Superman: Hel on EarthDC2013
Superman: HeroesDC2020
Superman Hors Série (Semic)Semic2000
Superman in Action ComicsAbbeville1994
Superman in Action Comics ArchivesDC1997, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2007
Superman, Inc.DC2000
Superman In EuropaDC1990
Superman: Infinite CityDC2005
Superman: Infinite CrisisDC2006
Superman in the EightiesDC2006
Superman in the FiftiesDC2002
Superman in the Fifties (2nd series)DC2020
Superman in the FortiesDC2005
Superman: In the Name of GogDC2005
Superman in the Phantom Zone ConnectionWhitman1980
Superman in the SeventiesDC2000
Superman in the SixtiesDC1999
Superman is Jewish?: How Comic Book Superheroes Came to Serve Truth, Justice, and the Jewish-American WayFree2012
Superman IVScholastic1987
Superman IV Movie SpecialDC1987
Superman IV Movie Special (Canadian Edition)DC1987
Superman: KalDC1995
Superman: King of the WorldDC1999
Superman: Krisis of the Krimson KryptoniteDC1996
Superman: Kryptonite NevermoreDC2021
Superman: Krypton ReturnsDC2014
Superman: Last SonDC2008
Superman: Last Son of EarthDC2000
Superman: Last Son of KryptonWarner1978
Superman: Last Son of Krypton (Arrow)Arrow1976
Superman: Last Stand Of New KryptonDC2010
Superman: Last Stand on KryptonDC2003
Superman LegendsTitan2007-2008
Superman: Leviathan Rising SpecialDC2019
Superman: Lex 2000DC2001
Superman: Lois & ClarkDC2015–2016
Superman: Lois LaneDC1998
Superman: Lois Lane (2nd Series)DC2014
Superman/Madman Hullabaloo, TheDark Horse1997
Superman MagazinNorbert Hethke Verlag1990
Superman Magazine (Play)Play2005-2006
Superman, The Man of Steel (Cider Mill)Cider Mill2007
Superman: Man of Steel Co-Starring BatmanDC1995
Superman Meets the Motorsports ChampionsDC1999
Superman Meets the Quik BunnyDC1987
Superman: MetropolisDC2003-2004
Superman Metropolis Secret FilesDC2000
Superman Mon-ElDC2010
Superman Monster, TheDC1999
Superman Movie Special, TheDC1983
Superman: New KryptonDC2009
Superman: New Krypton SpecialDC2008
Superman: Nightwing and FlamebirdDC2010
Superman: No Limits!DC2000
Superman Nuova SeriePlay1999-2000
Superman of SmallvilleDC2019
Superman: Our Worlds at WarDC2002
Superman: Our Worlds at War Secret FilesDC2001
Superman: Our Worlds at War—The Complete CollectionDC2006
Superman: Panic In The SkyDC1993
Superman: Past and FutureDC2008
Superman: Peace on EarthDC1999
Superman PlusDC1997
Superman Poche (Sagédition)Sagédition 
Superman PocketbookEgmont1978-1980
Superman Presents Action AlbumK.G. Murray1982
Superman Presents Adventure ComicsMurray1982
Superman Presents Lois Lane AlbumK.G. Murray1981
Superman Presents SuperboyK.G. Murray1982
Superman Presents Superboy ComicK.G. Murray1976-1981
Superman Presents Supergirl ComicK.G. Murray1973-1979
Superman Presents Tip Top Comic MonthlyColour1965-1975
Superman Presents Wonder Comic MonthlyColour1965-1975
Superman Presents World’s Finest Comic MonthlyK.G. Murray1965-1975
Superman: President LexDC 
Superman: President LuthorDC2018
Superman: Radio Shack GiveawaysDC1980-1982
Superman: RebirthDC2016
Superman: RebornDC2017
Superman Red and BlueDC2021
Superman: RedemptionDC2007
Superman: Red SonDC2003
Superman Red/Superman BlueDC1998
Superman: Reign of DoomsdayDC2012
Superman: Reign of the SupermenDC 
Superman: Return of DoomsdayDC2001
Superman Returns AnnualPedigree2006
Superman Returns PrequelDC2006
Superman Returns: The Movie and Other Tales of the Man of SteelDC2006
Superman Returns: The Official Movie AdaptationDC2006
Superman: Return to KryptonDC2004
Superman: SacrificeDC2006
Superman Saga (Urban)Urban2014-Present
Superman Saga Hors Série (Urban)Urban2014
Superman: Savage DawnDC2016
Superman: Save the PlanetDC1998
Superman’s Christmas AdventureDC1940, 1944
Superman’s Christmas Play BookDC1944
Superman: Secret Files 2009DC2009
Superman Secret Files and OriginsDC1998, 1999, 2004, 2006
Superman: Secret IdentityDC2004, 2013
Superman: Secret OriginDC2009-2010
Superman: Secrets of the Fortress of SolitudeDC2013
Superman SelezioneCenisio Editrice1977-1981
Superman: Serial To CerealPopular Library1976
Superman’s Girl Friend Lois LaneDC1958-1974
Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane ArchivesDC2011
Superman’s Greatest Team-UpsDC2021
Superman/Shazam: First ThunderDC2005–2006
Superman: Silver BansheeDC1998-1999
Superman: Smashes The KlanDC2019
Superman’s MetropolisDC1997
Superman’s Nemesis: Lex LuthorDC1999
Superman Sonderband (Panini Deutschland)Panini2004-Present
Superman: Son of Kal-ElDC2021-2022
Superman’s Pal Jimmy OlsenDC1954-1974
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (2nd Series)DC2019-2020
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen by Jack KirbyDC2019
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen SpecialDC2008-2009
Superman SpectacularDC1977
Superman: Speeding BulletsDC1993
Superman’s SupercomicK.G. Murray1958-1959
Superman Story, TheTor1983
Superman: Strange AttractorsDC2006
Superman: StrengthDC2005
Superman SupacomicK.G. Murray1960-1976,1977,1982
Superman/Supergirl: MaelstromDC2009
Superman: Tales from the Phantom ZoneDC2009
Superman: Target: Superman!DC1995
Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the JungleDark Horse2001–2002
Superman: That Healing TouchDC2005
Superman: The 10-Cent AdventureDC2003
Superman: The Amazing Transformations Of Jimmy OlsenDC2007
Superman: The Atomic Age SundaysIdea + Design Works2016
Superman: The Black RingDC2011
Superman: The Bottle City of KandorDC2007
Superman: The City of TomorrowDC2020
Superman: The Coming Of AtlasDC2010
Superman: The Coming Of The SupermenDC2016
Superman: The DailiesDC1999, 2006
Superman: The Dark SideDC1998
Superman: The Death of Clark KentDC1997
Superman: The Doomsday WarsDC1999-2000
Superman: The Earth StealersDC1988
Superman: The Final Days of SupermanDC2016
Superman: The Golden AgeDC2016
Superman: The Golden Age Dailies 1944-1947Idea + Design Works2018
Superman: The Golden Age Dailies 1947-1949Idea + Design Works2019
Superman: The Golden Age Newspaper Dailies 1944-1947Idea + Design Works2018
Superman: The Golden Age Newspaper Dailies 1947-1950Idea + Design Works2019
Superman: The Golden Age OmnibusDC2013, 2016
Superman: The Golden Age Sundays 1942-1944Idea + Design Works2017
Superman: The Golden Age Sundays 1943-1946Idea + Design Works2013
Superman: The Golden Age Sundays 1946-1949Idea + Design Works2014
Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever ToldDC2004
Superman: The JourneyDC2006
Superman: The Kansas SightingDC2003-2004
Superman: The Last Family of KryptonDC2010
Superman: The Last God of KryptonDC1999
Superman: The Last Son of KryptonDC2013
Superman: The Legacy of SupermanDC1993
Superman: The Man of SteelDC1991–2003
Superman: The Man of Steel (Compilations)DC1991, 2003-2006, 2012
Superman: The Man of Steel: BelieveDC2013
Superman: The Man of Steel—Doomsday is ComingDC1995
Superman: The Man of Steel GalleryDC1995
Superman: The Man of TomorrowDC1995-1999
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow ArchivesDC2004
Superman: The Many Worlds of KryptonDC2018
Superman: The Mysterious Mr. MistInverse Ink1996
Superman: The OdysseyDC1999
Superman: The One Who FellDC2021
Superman: The Power WithinDC2014
Superman: The Return of SupermanDC1993
Superman: The Secrets of the Fortress of SolitudeDC2012
Superman: The Secret YearsDC1985
Superman: The Secret Years (Canadian Edition)DC1985
Superman: The Silver Age DailiesIdea + Design Works2013-2014
Superman: The Silver Age SundaysIdea + Design Works2018
Superman: The Story Of Man Of SteelViking2010
Superman: The Sunday ClassicsDC1998-1999
Superman: The Third KryptonianDC2008
Superman: The Trial of SupermanDC1997
Superman: The War YearsChartwell Books2015
Superman: The Wedding AlbumDC1996
Superman: The Wedding & BeyondDC1997
Superman: The World of KryptonDC2008
Superman: The World’s Finest Comics ArchivesDC2004
Superman: The Wrath of GogDC2005
Superman: They Saved Luthor’s BrainDC2000
Superman: This Island BradmanDC1988
Superman Through the AgesDC2006
Superman: ’Til Death Do Us PartDC2002
Superman: Time and Time AgainDC1994
Superman/Top Cat SpecialDC2018
Superman Transformed!DC1998
Superman: True BritDC2004
Superman UnchainedDC2013-Present
Superman Unchained (Anubis)Anubis2014
Superman: Unconventional WarfareDC2005
Superman: Under a Yellow SunDC1994
Superman Univers (Urban)Urban2016
Superman: Up in the SkyDC2019-2020
Superman: Up, Up and Away!DC2006
Superman vs. AliensDC1995-1996
Superman vs. Aliens (Wetta)Wetta2007
Superman vs. BraniacDC2008
Superman vs. DarkseidDC2015
Superman vs. Darkseid: Apokolips Now!DC2003
Superman vs. el Asombroso Spider-ManZinco1989
Superman vs. FlashDC2005
Superman vs. Lex LuthorDC2006
Superman vs. LoboDC2021
Superman Vs. Metallo (Kellogg’s Giveaway)DC1992
Superman vs. MongulDC2014
Superman vs. Muhammad AliDC2010
Superman vs. Muhammad Ali (Atlantic)Atlantic 
Superman vs. PredatorDC2000, 2009
Superman Vs. ShazamDC2013
Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-ManMarvel-DC1976, 1995
Superman vs. the Revenge SquadDC1999
Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the FutureDark Horse1999–2000
Superman vs. Wonder Woman (Tabloid Edition)DC2020
Superman Vs. ZodDC2013
Superman: VillainsDC2020
Superman Villains Secret FilesDC1998
Superman: War of the SupermenDC2010
Superman: War of the WorldsDC1998-1999
Superman: “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”DC1997
Superman: Where is thy Sting?DC2001
Superman/Wonder WomanDC2013-Present
Superman/Wonder Woman (Wendy’s Giveaway)DC2014
Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures EndDC2014
Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods DestroyDC1996–1997
Superman World Adventure LibraryWorld Distributors1967
Superman: World of New KryptonDC2009-2010
Superman: World Without A SupermanDC1993
Superman Y2KDC2000
Superman: Year OneDC2019
Superman y El Asombroso Hombre ArañaNovedades1981
Superman: Zero HourDC2018
Tales From the Dark Multiverse: The Death of SupermanDC2019
Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Cyborg-SupermanDC2007
Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Superman-PrimeDC2007
Tangent Comics/The SupermanDC1998
Tangent: Superman’s ReignDC2008-2009
Team SupermanDC1999
Team Superman Secret FilesDC1998
World of Flashpoint: SupermanDC2012
World’s Greatest Superheroes Present SupermanTor1982