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TitlePublisherYears Published
Aliens: The Essential ComicsDark Horse2018
Aliens vs. Predator: The Essential ComicsDark Horse2019
Batman: The Court of Owls Saga Essential EditionDC2018
Essential Ant–ManMarvel2002
Essential AvengersMarvel2001-2004, 2006
Essential Black PantherMarvel2012
Essential Captain America, TheMarvel2000-2011, 2013
Essential Captain MarvelMarvel2008
Essential Classic X-MenMarvel2006
Essential ConanMarvel2000
Essential DaredevilMarvel2002, 2005
Essential DazzlerMarvel2007
Essential DefendersMarvel2005–2008
Essential Dr. StrangeMarvel2001, 2005, 2007
Essential Dykes to Watch Out For, TheMariner2022
Essential Elfquest, TheWarp1995
Essential Essence, TheUltimate2009
Essential Fantastic Four, TheMarvel2001, 2005
Essential Ghost RiderMarvel2005
Essential GodzillaMarvel2006
Essential Howard the Duck, TheMarvel2002
Essential Human TorchMarvel2003
Essential Incredible HulkMarvel1999-2006
Essential Iron FistMarvel2004
Essential Iron ManMarvel2002, 2005
Essential Judge Dredd: AmericaRebellion2020
Essential Judge Dredd: Judgement DayRebellion2023
Essential Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse WarRebellion2021
Essential KillravenMarvel2005
Essential KurtzmanDark Horse2014
Essential Luke Cage, Power ManMarvel2005
Essential Man-ThingMarvel2006
Essential Marvel HorrorMarvel2006
Essential Marvel SagaMarvel2008
Essential Marvel Team-UpMarvel2002-2006
Essential Marvel Two-In-OneMarvel2005
Essential Monster of FrankensteinMarvel2004
Essential Moon KnightMarvel2006
Essential Ms. MarvelMarvel2007
Essential NovaMarvel2006
Essential Painkiller JaneDynamite2007
Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-ManMarvel2005-2007
Essential Power Man and Iron FistMarvel2007
Essential PunisherMarvel2004, 2007
Essential Rampaging HulkMarvel2008
Essential Rawhide KidMarvel2011
Essential Savage She-HulkMarvel2006
Essential Sgt. FuryMarvel2011
Essential Showcase 1956-1959, TheDC1992-1992
Essential Silver SurferMarvel1998, 2001, 2004, 2007
Essential Spider-ManMarvel1996-2005
Essential Spider-WomanMarvel2005
Essential Starchild, TheCoppervale2000-2002
Essential Sub-MarinerMarvel2009
Essential Super-Villain Team-UpMarvel2004
Essential Tales of the ZombieMarvel2006
Essential ThorMarvel2001-2005
Essential Tomb of DraculaMarvel2004-2005
Essential Uncanny X-MenMarvel1999, 2001, 2005
Essential Vertigo: Swamp ThingVertigo1996-1998
Essential Vertigo: The SandmanVertigo1996-1999
Essential WarlockMarvel2012
Essential Web of Spider-ManMarvel2011
Essential Werewolf by NightMarvel2005
Essential WolverineMarvel2001-2006
Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia, TheRandom House2010
Essential X-FactorMarvel2005
Essential X-Men (Marvel)Marvel1998-2004
Essential X-Men (Marvel UK)Marvel UK1995-2010
Essential X-Men (Marvel U.K., 2nd Series)Marvel UK2010-2014
Essential X-Men (Marvel U.K., 3rd Series)Panini2014-2016
Essential X-Men (Marvel U.K., 4th Series)Panini2016
Essential X-Men (Marvel U.K., 5th Series)Panini U.K.2018
Final Crisis: DC Essential EditionDC2019
Justice League: The Darkseid War: DC Essential EditionDC2019
Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus, TheImage2008
Originals, The: The Essential EditionDark Horse2018
Predator: The Essential ComicsDark Horse2019
Quintessential Quintuplets, TheKodansha2019
Vampirella: The Essential Warren YearsDynamite2014
Warcraft: The Essential Sunwell CollectionTokyopop2010