From Beyond the Unknown #16

DC     May, 1972

Reprints Strange Adventures #50 (Nov 1954), Mystery In Space #15 (Aug-Sep 1953), Strange Adventures #15 (Dec 1951), Mystery In Space #51 (May 1959), Strange Adventures #160 (Jan 1964); Apr-May issue; 64 pages

The World Wrecker; The Doom From Station X!; The 1000-Year-Old Man!; The Man Who Discovered the ’Earth’!; Captives Of The Eclipse!; educ: Scienti-Facts

 France E. Herron, John Broome, Otto Binder, Gardner Fox

 Carmine Infantino, John Giunta, Manny Stallman, Murphy Anderson, Frank Giacoia, Joe Giella, Sid Greene

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