Eerie Greatest Hits Book #1

Harris     December, 1994

Reprints Warren material

Introduction: Scary Monsters; Soul of Horror!; Dark Rider!; Trial by Fire!; Full Fathom Fright; Room with a View!; Fair Exchange; Cave of the Druids!; The Lighthouse!; To Slay a Dragon!; The Monument; Cry Fear, Cry Phantom; Island at the World’s End!; Big-Time Operator!; The Day after Doomsday!; The Swamp God!; Deep Ruby!; The Slugs!; The Changeling!; House of Fiends!; Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Mummy; Eerie’s Monster Gallery #3: Zombies!; Eerie’s Monster Gallery #10: The Minotaur

 Archie Goodwin, Johnny Craig, E. Nelson Bridwell, Bill Pearson, M.C. Chadwick

 Angelo Torres, John Severin, Johnny Craig, Gene Colan, Steve Ditko, Neal Adams, Reed Crandall, Al Williamson, Jeff Jones, Alex Toth, Jerry Grandenetti, Gray Morrow, Ric Estrada, Dan Adkins, Joe Orlando

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