A1 (Vol. 1) #4


B&W; ca. 1990

Devilís Whisper; Hellcity; The Funeral; Balls; In the Heart of the Impregnable Meta-Bunker; The Last Party on Earth; The Day the General Came; Emily, Almost; The Hero of the Tale; A Lot on His Plate; Song of the Terraces

 James Robinson, Alan Martin, Andrew Strickland, Glenn Fabry, Chris Smith, Alejando Jodorowsky, R.J.M. Lofficier, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jan Strnad, Graham Marks, Alan Moore

 Matt Brooker, Jamie Hewlett, Richard Barker, Glenn Fabry, Moebius, Steve Whitaker, Phil Elliott, Bill Sienkiewicz, Kevin Nowlan, John Bolton, Steve Parkhouse

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