WaRP Graphics Annual #1


ca. 1986

Elfquest: Courage, by Any Other Name; Myth Adventures: Mything Lessons; A Distant Soil: R&R; Thunderbunny: Elf Quest; Panda Kahn: In The Belly of the Golden Whale; Blood Of The Innocent: Christmas Spirits; Captain Obese: The Utripneen Connection; Unicorn Isle Tales: Circus Flambe

 Richard Pini, Wendy Pini, Robert Asprin, Phil Foglio, Colleen Doran, Martin L. Greim, Monica Sharp, Rickey Shanklin, Mark Wheatley, Don Lomax, Lee Marrs

 Debbie Hayes, Jim Valentino, Colleen Doran, Martin L. Greim, Dave Garcia, Marc Hempel, Don Lomax, Lee Marrs, Nicholas Koenig

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