Mr. Monster: His Books of Forbidden Knowledge #0 - 2nd printing

TwoMorrows     July, 2005


His World; The Thing in Stiff Alley; Dodo Death; Inklings; In the Dumps; Li’l Doc: Eel’s Well That Ends Well!!; The Collector; Never Touch a Satan Glass!; Sunday Funnies; Midnight Snack; Oooak!; The Mr. Monster Creature Alphabet; Chiller Cheesecake; Mr. Monster Checklist

 Michael Evans, Michael T. Gilbert, Chuck Gamble, Brian Buniak, Terry Beatty

 Michael T. Gilbert, Chuck Wacome, Brian Buniak, Donnie Jupiter, Terry Beatty, Cesar Ferioli Pelaez, Francisco Rodriguez Peinado, Kerry Talbot, Denis Kitchen, Mark Martin

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