Rogue Trooper Annual #1991


Rogue Troopers: Decoys; Blast First (text); Blinded; Rogue & Friday; Marching As To War (text); Tharg’s Future Shock: The War Game; Rogue Trooper: The Undeath Project; Movie Feature: Future Wars!; Tharg’s Future Shock: 60 Hours That Shook The World; Rogue Trooper: Bio-Death; Death Valley; The Rogue Checklist; Rogue Trooper: Circus Daze

 Michael Fleisher, Michael Bonner, John Smith, T.M. Hebden, Sydney Falco, Peter Milligan, Gerry Finley-Day

 Dave Gibbons, Chris Weston, John Hicklenton, Steve Dillon, Jaimie Ortiz, R. Jones

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