All Favourites Comic Annual #2


Series numbering continues in All Favourites, The 100-Page Comic; Series numbering continues in All Favourites, The 100-Page Comic #3; Reprints story from World’s Finest Comics #29 and 64, Superboy #4, Hopalong Cassidy #90 and 91, Action Comics #112 and 113, Adventure Comics #135, 138, 140, and 142 to 144, Batman #82, Detective Comics #153; Australian reprints (Australian original cover); Cover and indicia read“The All Favourites Comic Annual"; 148 pages; 3’6 Cover price; B&W; ca. 1956

Varsity Vic; The Books That Couldn’t Be Bound; The Oracle of Smallville; Bruce Wayne…Amateur Detective; The Bulletproof Bandit; Just An Ordinary Guy; The Way to Stop Superboy; The Man Who Could Change Fingerprints; Undersea Big-Game Hunt; Track of the Timberwolf; The Cross-Country Chess Crimes; The Superboy Savings Bank; The Flying Batman; Marooned in the Deep; Journey to the Moon; Bebe; The Ship That Dared Not Land

 Henry Boltinoff, Alvin Schwartz, Edmond Hamilton, David Reed, Otto Binder, Bill Finger

 Henry Boltinoff, John Sikela, Dick Sprang, Gene Colan, Win Mortimer, John Daly

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