The Best of The Harveyville Fun Times! #1

Fun Ideas     October, 2006

400 pages; Text articles; B&W collection of articles from ‘’The Harveyville Fun Times!’’ fanzine (1990-2006)

General Harvey History; Meet…; Animation and Episode Lists; Comic Books; Feature Films; Interviews and Tributes; ClosingThoughts and Other Favorite Covers

 Mark Arnold, Chris Barat, Ken Layton, Joe Torcivia, Quinton Clem, George Baker, Alfred Harvey, Dan Busha, Sid Couchey, Mark Evanier, Stephen Miller, Eric Nash, Mike Curtis, Bart Bush, Mattie Poston Rhodes, Dom Sileo

 Warren Kremer, Joe Simon, Marty Taras, Vic Herman, George Baker, Fred Rhodes, Mark Arnold, Fleishcer Studios, Famous Studios, Dave Tendlar, Greg Rieves, Pete Rowland, Bill White, Jorge Pacheco, Dom Sileo, Ernie Colón, Sid Couchey, Ken Selig, Todd McFarlane, Will Eisner, Quinton Clem, Ben Brown, Jeff Little, Jack O’Brien, Bob Powell, Jesse Hamm, Mike Kazaleh

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