The Wicked West #2

Image     October, 2006

Abomination; The Usual Suspects; Whiskey Daydream; The Assay Office; The Last Car; Night Creatures; Taking Big Medicine; Easy Money; Cotton Fly; Von Hellsing; Tern Bak; The Horri-Belle Truth; I Kill the Dead; Came a Dark Time; I Cawl Yew Aht; A Minor Incident of No Real Import; Biff Baxter DeBergerac; End Credits; Collecting Dust; A Man, With a Stake In His Hand; Nothing Behind But Sky; A Day In the Afterlife

 Todd Livingston, Robert Tinnell, Mark Ricketts, Mike Baron, Mike Anderson, Jeff Katz, Adam Burton, Michael Avon Oeming, Andrew Sands, C. Courtney Joyner, Bill Baker, Anthony Ambrogio, J.C. Vaughn, Paul Maybury, James A. Kuhoric

 Neil Vokes, Scott A. Keating, Mike Hawthorne, Dan Gallagher Jr., Rich Woodall, Tommy Castillo, David Michael Beck, Adrian Salmon, Michael Avon Oeming, Filip Sablik, Chris Moreno, Alex Saviuk, Nick Cardy, Joanna Estep, Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim, Anthony Ambrogio, Scott Wegner, Gene Gonzales, John K. Snyder, Paul Maybury, Micah Farritor

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