Comic Fandom Reader #1


The Best Articles From The Classic Fanzines!; Introduction by Jeff Gelb; Compiled and Annotated by Bill Schelly; ca. 2002

The Joy Of Fanzines; 1—Best Of The Classic Fanzines; I Remember Comic Books; Re-Birth; The Education of Victor Fox; Armand the Terrible; Model T to T-Bird; Jesse Marsh Obituary; Special Feature: The Bridges; The Big Parade; ODD Cover Gallery; When Hawkhood was in Flower!; 2—Best Of Sense Of Wonder; The 1968 International Comicon; Famous Con Artists; Heisenberg Alley; The Ogre; Breakdowns; Eisner: A Man and His Work; EC Horror Library Review; Yarmak the Fearless One; Stan Pitt & Gully Foyle; 3—The Golden Age Of Comic Fandom Interviews; Richard & Pat Lupoff; Bill Thailling; Raymond Miller; Jerry Bails; Marty Arbunich & Bill DuBay; Bill Schelly interviewed by Rot Thomas; 4—Ronn Foss Retrospective; Interview, Trip Report, Excel origin strip & Stripography; 5—New In The Comic Fandom Reader; Confessions of an Unrepentant Portland Comic Book Collector; They Came From Clam Gulch!; Fanzines by Year; Fanzines—Alphabetical List

 Bill Schelly, Jeff Gelb, Jim Harmon, Richard Lupoff, Richard Kyle, John E. Stockman, Russ Manning, Jesse March, Tom Fagan, Dave Herring, Derrill Rothermich, Roy Thomas, Dave Bibby, Thomas F. Fisher, Dick Trageser, John T. Ryan, Malcolm Willits, Nils Osmar

 Jim Jones, Dave Herring, Larry Ivie, Jim Moriarty, Fletcher Hanks, John E. Stockman, Jesse Marsh, Biljo White, Bill Black, Alan Hanley, Bill Schelly, Mike Worley, Landon Chesney, Frank Frazetta, Roy G. Krenkel, Al Williams, Will Eisner, Johnny Craig, Don Newton, Stanley Pitt, Sylvia White, C.C. Beck, Steve Stiles, Bill DuBay, Nils Osmar, Michael T. Gilbert, Ron Foss, Mike Vosburg, Bill Watterson, Al Williamson, Don Martin, Jay Lynch, Ed Lahmann, Dick Giordano, Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Bob Sanborn

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