Fables #59

Vertigo     May, 2007

Burning Questions; Did Hakim ever Manage to get a regular Job?; How does Bufkin Keep Getting his Hands on the Liquor?; What is Training Like For a New Member of the Mouse Police?; Did Jack Leave Anyone Messages Before He Left Fabletown Forever?; How are the new Three Little Pigs Adjusting to Being Pigs?; Besides Fly, Who Else Has Asked Questions of the Magic Mirror?; What is Boy Blue’s Favorite Song?; What Song Was Played When Snow and Bigby First Danced Together at the Remembrance Day Ball?; What is Frau Totenkinder Knitting?; Who was Prince Charming’s First Love?; How Many Romantic Conquests has Prince Charming Had?; Who Caught the Bouquet at Snow White’s Wedding?

 Bill Willingham

 M.K. Perker, Jim Rugg, Mark Buckingham, Andrew Pepoy, Joëlle Jones, D’Israeli, Jill Thompson, David Lapham, John K. Snyder, Eric Shanower, Barry Kitson

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