Negative Burn (Image) #12

Image     June, 2007

Desperado begins publishing; B&W

Big Q in Butter Sandwich; Geflusterdernacht, Whispers at Night; Acid Rock; Lord of the Skies; Seelenheil; Skettchbook; Unleash the One Who Waits; Almost There; Rush: Past Imperfect, Part 2; Jimmy

 Phil Hester, P. Craig Russell, Mike Baron, Dove McHargue, Andrew Dabb, Rob Walton, Neil Kleid, Ron McCain, Doug Wagner

 Phil Hester, Aaron Gillespie, P. Craig Russell, Anthony Hightower, Dove McHargue, Neal Von Flue, Richard Case, R.G. Taylor, James Smith III, Ron McCain, Rob Haynes, Jim Woodward, Andrew Walls

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