Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 4) #265

Fleetway Quality     December 11, 2007

Judge Dredd: The Listener; Tharg’s Astronaut (Text); Thinking Outside the Paintbox (Text); Tales From The Black Museum: Short Fuse; Screenstory - The Vampire Bites Back (Text); Judge Dredd: Blood Satanus III The Tenth Circle; Top 20 Sci-Fi Deaths (Text); Grey Days; New Films (Text); Chapter 9 - The Heart of Darkness; Fink Angel: Pizen Possible, Part 3

 Gordon Rennie, Matthew Badham, Michael Molcher, Al Ewing, Alec Worley, Pat Mills, Nick Neocleous, Simon Spurrier

 Boo Cook, Robin Smith, John Hicklenton, Nick Neocleous, Steve Roberts

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