Popgun #1 - 2nd printing


New Printing; ca. 2010

Your Hand in Mine; Me & The Cat Own the Lease on the Flat; Codename Colonel KURSK; Manhunt in the Obsidian Hills of Mars: A Futari Tale; Frank Einstein: For the Record; The New Brighton Archaeological Society; Thrilling Ant Farm Advertisement; PINAPL; She’s Out of Reach; Motorface; Hector Plasm: Palamon’s Conundrum; Monoluminant: The Goblin Sisters; Sanz Pantz: Ninja Platypus; The Amazing Joy Buzzards: The Fearless Vampire Hunters; Tag; Remnants; The Fall of Geometry; Leed’s Devil; The New Brighton Archeological Society: The Bath; The Amazing Joy Buzzards & The Curse of the Giant Gelantinous Catfish!; Solomon Finch vs. 100 Vampire Bikini Girls; Mexican Wrestler Funnies; The Death of the Midnight Sky; Aqua Leung: Ambush; Blood Inside; Express Elevator To Hell Tour; Love Will Tear You Apart; Sp@ce Moth@ Fuck@!; Supertron; They Shoot Ponies, Don’t They?; Grown Seven Monsters Advertisement; Tiger-Man: Mark of the Squid; Cheeseburger-head; Black Circle White: The Recycle Soul Project; A Man Named Wattson: A Head Among Skulls; Gamma Rae; The Amazing Joy Buzzards: Do the Dead Buzzard Stomp!; Deadeye: Old Habits Die Hard; Jenny Greenteeth; Rocket Racers; Triple Scoop; Rex Onazuka, The Japanese Wasp: The Liberators; Ellie Saves the World; Soulless, Man Without a Soul; The Engineer in Egg-Centric; Jazz; La Llorna; One Checkered Flag; Kiss of Death; The Blind Monkey Style: Smoke and Mirrors; The New Brighton Archeological Society: Souls in a Jar; Afterword: Graphic Music

 Carlos Lerma, Jamie S. Rich, Toby Cypress, Nick Derrington, Mike Allred, Mark Andrew, Corey Lewis, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Roman, Benito Cereno, Joe Suitor, Chris Moreno, Mark Andrew Smith, Dave Crosland, R.G. Llarena, Coleman Engle, Joe Flood, Julio Figueroa, Andy Kuhn, Rick Remender, Nick Stakal, James Stokoe, Tim Seeley, Jason Latour, Sheldon Vella, Mark Sable, Mike Bullock, Erik Larsen, Jonathan Hickman, Kris Anka, Derek Hunter, Leah Moore, John Reppion, Derek McCulloch, Michael Woods, Chris French, Adrian Dominguez, D.J. Kirkbride, Brian Churilla, Jeremy Shepherd, Sophronius Moritat, M. Zachary Sherman, Richard Starkings, Robert Love, David Walker, Joe Keatinge, Danny Hellman, Elias Pate, Bryan Young

 Carlos Lerma, Joëlle Jones, Toby Cypress, Nick Derington, Mike Allred, Matthew Weldon, Danny Hellman, Corey Lewis, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Roman, Nate Bellegarde, Joe Suitor, Chris Moreno, Dan Hipp, Dave Crosland, Milton Sobreiro, Coleman Engle, Joe Flood, Chamakoso, Andy Kuhn, Josh Hoye, Paul Maybury, Chuck BB, James Stokoe, Jeremy Dale, Jason Latour, Sheldon Vella, Rob Guillory, Marcelo DiChiara, Erik Larsen, Jonathan Hickman, Kris Anka, Derek Hunter, Matt Timson, Shepherd Hendrix, Kevin Myers, Graham Corcoran, Johann Leroux, Anjin Anhut, Sophronius Moritat, Ed Tadem, Aleksandar Sotirovski, Phil Yeh, Robert Love

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