Impossible Man #1

Marvel     July, 2011

Collects Fantastic Four #176, Marvel Two-In-One #60, Spider-Woman #45, X-Men Annual #7, New Mutants Annual #3, Silver Surfer #33, Impossible Man Summer Vacation #1-2, and material from Fantastic Four #11, Marvel Two-In-One #86, Marvel Comics Presents #91, and X-Force and Cable Annual’95

 Craig Anderson, Chris Claremont, Peter David, Tom DeFalco, Michael Gallagher, Mark Gruenwald, Marie Javins, Stan Lee, Jeph Loeb, Ralph Macchio, Howard Mackie, Ron Marz, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Jim Valentino, Renee Witterstaetter, Gregory Wright

 Bret Blevins, James Brock, Greg Capullo, Barry Crain, Alan Davis, Kieron Dwyer, James Fry, Michael Golden, Butch Guice, Sam Kieth, Jack Kirby, Steve Leialoha, Rick Leonardi, Ron Lim, Aaron Lopresti, Dave Manak, Luke McDonnell, Tom Morgan, George Pérez, John Romita Jr., Sam deLaRosa, Matt Ryan, Rurik Tyler, Jim Valentino, Keith Wilson, Ron Wilson, Phil Winslade

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