Archie & Friends Double Digest #13

Archie     April, 2012

Pureheart the Powerful: Postage Due; Dreamland; Wild West Daze; Fruit Salad; A Guide to Teenage Boy Behavior; Museum Musings; School is Cancelled; Dilton Daffy Inventions; Mega-Mouse; The Apple Knockers; Lock Downer; Archie’s Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Skier!; Winter Warmth; Watch It; The New Archies: Snow Job; The New Archies: Hand-Some Feat; The New Archies: Morning Warning; The New Archies: Whistling in the Dark; The New Archies: Weatherwise; Double Dealer; Nothing But a Hound-Dog; Buried Treasures; Tough Sledding!; True Blue; The Picture Frame; Winter Blah-Blahs!

 Frank Doyle, Mike Pellowski, George Gladir, Craig Boldman, Richard Margopolous, Paul Castiglia, Barbara Jarvie, Hal Smith, Joe Edwards, Dick Malmgren

 Dan DeCarlo, Holly Golightly, Pat Kennedy, Bob Bolling, Stan Goldberg, Rex W. Lindsey, Henry Scarpelli, Gene Colan, Dan DeCarlo Jr., Fernando Ruiz, Tim Kennedy, Joe Edwards, Bill Vigoda, Dick Malmgren, Jeff Shultz

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