The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #187



Life and Times: History of an…Alpha Magician; Classic oments: Getting Down with Demons; Amazing Secrets: Medicine Man; Who’s Who: Familiar Spirits; Behind the Scenes: Going Native

 Clayton Henry, Phil Jimenez, John Byrne, Bob Budiansky, John Calimee, Mike Mignola, Dave Ross, Kevin Nowlan, Steve McNiven, Eliot Brown, Butch Guice, Adam Kubert, Sean Chen, Phil Noto, Salva Espin, Carlo Pagulayan, Ben Oliver, Dale Eaglesham, Andie Tong, John Cassaday, Ethan Van Sciver, Ricardo Villamonte, Reilly Brown, Michael Golden, Tom Grummett, Scott Kolins, Andrea DiVito, John Buscema, Jack Kirby, June Brigman, Ron Wilson, David Mack

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