Superman: The Power Within #1

DC     January, 2015

Collects material from Action Comics #601-641, #658, Superman #48 and Adventures of Superman #471

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!; They Can Run, But They Can’t Hide!; More Powerful Than a Locomotive!; Final Escape?; Aftermath; The True Believer; Familiar Face?; Questions & Mysteries; And There Will be a Sign!; Show & Tell; …Beyond Mortal Men!; Where Lurks the Evil?; Wicked Business!; Death Comes Calling…; Fatal Flaw?; Dead Men Tell No Tales; Missing Person; Out on the Town; Protective Shield?; Too Late, the Hero?; Let the Punishment Fit the Crime; Seeds of Doubt; Revelations; Pin the Tail…; Out of the Frying Pan…

 Roger Stern, William Messner-Loebs

 Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, John Beatty, Dennis Janke

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