Biggest Greatest Cracked #4


Rowan and Martinís Laugh-In cover; Blondie parody; ca. 1969

College Reunion Conversation; Secrets Behind Agent 0007; Five Minutes Later; A Visit With Laurel & Hardy; Imaginry Fears and Complexes; Machine Gun Nest; Modern Mother Goose; Cracked Ball Game; Cuttír Sank; Peace Corps in Reverse; The Flying Carpet; Socko Smiles; Ride of Paul Revere; Specialized Movie Seats; Low Calorie Everything; Interior Decorating to Fit Jobs; Stories of the Month; Fine Art Captions; Cracked Looks at Football; Hi-Fly-TV; If Movie Directors Drew Comics; More Things We Shoulda Done; Trading Stamps; 4 Smiles Only; Shut-Ups; Kings of Comedy; Ivery; Updated Torture Devices; Saturday Night Dance; Boys Play magazine

 John Severin, Bill Ward, Charles Rodrigues, Vic Martin

No copies

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