Archie Archives #2

Dark Horse

Reprints stories from Jackpot Comcis #9, Pep Comics #39-45, Archie Comics #3-6; Spring Fever and Other Stories

Spring Fever and Other Stores; Heil Jughead; Archie the Magician; Jughead at the Dentist; Archie at the Bat; An Archie Short; Welcome Soldiers; Circus Serenade; Spring Fever; Oscar the Watchdog (?); Archie Starring Jughead and Souphead; Glamour in White; Birthday Blues; Archie the Jockey, Part 1; Second Childhood; Oscar the Prize Package; Jughead the Cheer Leader; Archie the Pug; Archie the Painter; Halloween Hi-Jinx; Oscar Joins the “Wags”; Nominate a Drum Majorette; Archie the Caddy; Archie the Big Shot; Li’l Souphead and Jughead

 Victor Gorelick, Bob Montana, Harry Sahle, Ed Goggin

 Bob Montana, Harry Sahle, Clem Weisbecker

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