The Doctor Who Official Annual Annual #2009 Variation A

World Distributors     August, 2008

Hardcover; Over-size; Storybook 2009; Illustrated binding with dust jacket; Illustrated endpapers; Collection of 7 new prose stories and 1 new comic strip; 76 pages; Published by Panini

A Letter from the Doctor; Hello Children, Everywhere (text story); Grand Theft Planet (text story); Cold (text story); The Immortal Emperor (8); Bing Bong (text story); Island of the Sirens (text story); Hold Your Horses (text story); The Puplet (text story)

 Steven Moffat, Paul Magrs, James Moran, Mark Gatiss, Jonathan Morris, Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman, Keith Temple, Nicholas Pegg, Gary Russell

 Brian Williamson, Daryl Joyce, Ben Willsher, Rob Davis, Daniel McDaid, Adrian Salmon, Jon Haward, Andy Walker

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