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Air Marshal

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About Me

I’ve been a comic book fan and collector since I was a paperboy (I still remember running down to the local Tom Thumb to pick up the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man from the spinner racks). As an adult-type-person, I created ComicBase, and also have a hand in Atomic Avenue.

The comics for sale here are from my own collection, and all come bagged and boarded...

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8/17/2022198612 JLane
Items as described. Fast shipping, great seller thanks.
8/17/2022198566 buyfromtheguy
Very fast shipping! Shipped safely. Nice looking book. Thank you!
8/16/2022148716 JBish
Awesome, Thanks!
8/12/2022198397 billnutt
Reliable as always! Thank you! Be well!
8/11/2022149374 wallred
8/11/2022198216 wqoq
Thanks, Peter. Got the refund. Shame about the package, but the items that did arrive seem relatively unscathed.
8/10/2022198424 merln92703
8/9/2022198385 adbrock
Fast shipping and comics in excellent condition! And, thanks for the freebies!
8/8/2022198293 tgooch79
8/8/2022198391 KOliver
A repeat customer: Great issues that are as described and arrived super quickly. An AAA+++ shopping experience as always with Peter. Thank you!