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Air Marshal

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About Me

I’ve been a comic book fan and collector since I was a paperboy (I still remember running down to the local Tom Thumb to pick up the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man from the spinner racks). As an adult-type-person, I created ComicBase, and also have a hand in Atomic Avenue.

The comics for sale here are from my own collection, and all come bagged and boarded...

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2/3/2023200065 chare1988
Shipped perfect
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2/1/2023211799 anton
Thank you for another flawless transaction and a excellent comic.Highly recommended to all.
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1/27/2023211732 skoden
Super fast delivery and well packaged! Thank you! A+++
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1/21/2023211259 JChen
As always, great seller and someone from whom I often order!
1/14/2023211344 BarneyWise
Thank you for your services! A+ seller!