The Mighty 1

    (Sundragon, 2001)
™ and © Sundragon Comics

Christina Puissant, the titular “mighty one,” is a study in contradictions. She looks like the most wholesome young lady out of Riverdale, but she dresses like Vampirella’s trashier sister. Somehow, however, the fishnet ensemble does not render the entire package unfit for younger readers.

The Mighty 1, created by David Arnold, is a fun comic book, appropriate for a wide spectrum of readers. At first glance, it may appear to be a “kiddie comic,” but references to K.C. and the Sunshine Band and to Wagner’s Siegfried show us that it is targeted at a broader audience.

Christina is a super-hero costumer who happens to possess powers herself. She’s more interested in drumming up business for her struggling company than slugging it out with monsters. The comic book reprints the character’s hard-to-find first appearance and incorporates it seamlessly into a larger storyline.

The art has a clean, manga-influenced look to it. The inline skates worn by the heroine scream “Dazzler,” until the reader realizes that she wears them for her morning commute. They are an interesting visual, but comics creators should be careful not to tie their characters too closely into fads. (Vibe, anyone?)

This is a wholesome, fun comic book with broad appeal. Long-time readers who pine for the comics of their youth will probably enjoy this series.

— Jack Abramowitz

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Autographed by cover colorist (John E. Olson) at SDCC 2001Steven Philip Jones, Leslie PowellChristopher Jones