Adult titles:

TitleYears Published
2 Hot Girls on a Hot Summer Night1991
2 Live Crew Comics 
3 of a Kind2013
4 Girlfriends2006, 2010
7 Brothers (John Woo’s…)2006–2007
17 & Life: Jailbait2013
44 Magnum 
100 Degrees in the Shade1992
101 Other Uses For a Condom1991
110 Pills, The1990
1001 Arabian Tails 
1001 Nights of Sheherazade, The 
1984 (Toutain)1978-1984
Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade2004
A-Bomb (Vol. 2) 
Absolute Monarch Syndrome2013
Acá los Maistros2003
Achilles Storm1997
Ada Lee2001, 2003
Admit One2002
Adult Action Fantasy Featuring: Tawny’s Tales1990-1991
Adult Frankenstein2006
Adults Only! Comic Magazine1979, 1985, 1987
Adult Star Stories2003
Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl, The 
Adventures of Captain Jack, The1986-1989
Adventures of Dagny the Immortal Tantrika2004
Adventures of Luna, The: Lost in Time 
Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The (Proutt)1982
Adventures of Misty, The1991-1993
Adventures of Olivia, The1991
Adventures of Professor Thintwhistle and His Incredible Aether Flyer, The1991
Adventures of Roma1993
Adventures of Tad Martin, The 
Adventures of Viagraman, The2000
Afterburner Tales of the Cool and the Wicked 
After School Sex Slave Club2008
After School Vanilla2016
Age Called Blue2009
Agent Jill Cannon2003
Agony in Black1998-1999
Air Pirates Funnies1971
Air Pirates Funnies (Newsprint)1972
Alazar Lord Of The Thighs1998
Alazar’s Bondage Series1994-1995
Alazar’s Book of Bondage2003
Alazar’s Busty Babes1998
Alazar’s Chest Quest1997
Alazar’s Pleasure & Passion1997
Alcina La Maga1972-1973
Alexis (Vol. 2)1995-1996
Alice in Sexland2001-2002
Alice in Sexland Extreme2003-2004
Alien Encounters (Fantaco)1981
All Canadian Beaver Comix1973
All Girls School Meets All Boys School1997
All Girls School: Spankin’ Teacher1998
All New Underground Comix1973
Allura Nudes1999
Allura Special1998
Alluring Woman2014
Almas Perversas1996-Present
Alphabetical Ballad of Carnality2006
Alternate Centaurs—Attack of the Naughty Bits2015
Alula BeBop2002
Aluria Chronicles, The2006
Amazon Woman: Jungle Fever1996
American Flyer1971-1972
Amerikan Freak2006
Amora (Gray Morrow’s…)1991
Amores y Amantes1994-2016
Amputee Love1975
Amy Papuda1990
Amy Papuda Returns1992
Amy’s Adventures2002
Anaconda Davida2005-2006
Ana: Jungle Girl (Al Rio’s…)2000
Anal Intruders From Uranus2005
Anatomic Bombs: Angelissa1998
Anatomic Bombs: Bad Tabitha1998
Andromeda (Silver Snail)1977-1979
Ane Koi: Elder Sister Love2016
Ane Kyun: My Sweet Sweet Elder Sister2016
Angel Dark1990-1991
Ángeles y Demonios1996
Angel Girl: Against All Evil1997
Anita Live1991
Annie Sprinkle Is Miss Timed1991
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