Mystery titles:

TitleYears Published
20th Century Boys (Naoki Urasawa’s…)2009-2011
2000 A.D.1977-Present
20th Century Boys: The Perfect Edition2018
Absent Captain2015-2016
Accidental Death, An1993
Acid Bath Case, The1992
Acolyte, The1993
Adele & the Beast1990
Adventure Into Mystery1956-1957
Adventure of the Copper Beeches, The1992
Adventure of the Naval Treaty, The1992
Adventure of the Peerless Peer, The1974, 1976
Adventures into the Unknown1948-1967
Adventures into the Unknown (A+)1990
Adventures of Cordella Swift, The2016
After The Fire2010
Agency, The2001-2002
Agnes Quill2006
Agony Acres1995-1997
Alarming Tales1957-1958
All Detective2000
All Hallow’s Eve1991
All-Thrill Comics1998
All True Detective Cases1952-1954
Almanacco del Giallo1993
Almanacco Del Mistero1987-present
Alpha Illustrated1994
Amanda and Gunn1997
Amazing Adventures of Ace International, The1993
Amazon, The (COMICO)1989
American Library1943-1944
Amnesia Labyrinth2011
Amy Devlin Mysteries2010-2014
Angel and the Ape (Mini-Series)1991
Angel City2016-2017
Angel Falling2013
Animal Control Special Creatures Unit2010
Apache Dick1990
Apple, P.I.1996
Archer Coe2014
Archie’s Mysteries2002-2004
Archie’s Weird Mysteries2000-2002
Area 512014
Army and Navy Comics1941-1942
Astounding Stories1966-1989
Attualita‘ Nera1978-1987
Avatar (SAF)2004
Avenger, The (Street & Smith)1939-1942
Avenger, The (Warner)1972-1975
Avenger Chronicles, The2008
Avenger, The: The Justice Inc. Files2011
Awakening, The1997–1998
Aztec Madness2004
Backstage At The Strips By Mort Walker1975
Bad Machinery2013-Present
Baker Street1989-1990
Baker Street Four, The2016
Baker Street Peculiars2016
Baker Street Sketchbook1993
Ballad of Doctor Richardson, The1994
Ballad of Utopia, The1998-1999
Barney The Invisible Turtle1987
Bat, The (Mary Roberts Rinehart’s…)1992
Batman Begins: The Screenplay2005
Batman Day Batman: White Knight Special2018
Batman: Dead White2006
Batman Eternal (Panini)2014-2015
Batman: Fear Itself2007
Batman: Inferno2006
Batman Unauthorized2008
Beach High1997
Beck & Caul Investigations1994-1995
Best of Dark Horse Presents, The1989
Best of Sherlock Holmes, The2011
Best of the Spirit, The2005
Beyond, The (Ace)1950-1955
Big Black Kiss1989
Big Book of Conspiracies, The1995
Big Book of The Unexplained, The1997
Big Town1951-1958
Bill the Bull: Blowtorch Kiss1994
Bill the Bull: Burnt Cain1992
Bill the Bull: One Shot, One Bourbon, One Beer1994
Billy Budd, KGB2016
Billy Nguyen, Private Eye1988
Billy Nguyen, Private Eye (Vol. 2)1990
Black Badge2018
Black Bat, The2011
Black Bat Returns, The (Moonstone)2015
Black Coat, The: A Call to Arms2006
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