Pin-Ups/Art Book titles:

TitleYears Published
3-D Exotic Beauties1990
3-Minute Sketchbook, The2007
10th Muse Gallery2001
10th Muse Gallery (2nd Series)2010
20th Century in Cartoons, The: A History in Pictures2015
25th Anniversary Sketchbook: 8,800 Days of Blondes, Brunettes, and Bozos2017
48 More Nudes2008
48 Nudes2007
52: The Covers2007
96 Nudes (Ashley Wood’s…)2009
100 Artists See Satan2004
100 Femme Fatales2006
100 Sexiest Women in Comics2011
100 Years of American Comics Calendar1996-1998
1996 CFD Pin-Up Bad Girl Calendar1996
A1 Sketchbook2004
A1 True Life Bikini Confidential, The1990
Aaron Lopresti Sketchbook, The2005
Abominable Mr. Seabrook, The2017
Above Top Secret Comics1995
Abusilum Sketchbook2007
Adam Hughes Greatest Hits2006
Adrian Tomine New York Sketches 20042005
Adventure Time Cover Showcase2012
Adventure Time: Eye Candy2014
Against the Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood2003
Age of Reptiles Calendar1998
Age of Ultron Coloring Book2015
Agony and Ecstasy2007
Alazar Lord Of The Thighs1998
Alazar’s Bondage Series1994-1995
Alazar’s Busty Babes1998
Alazar’s Chest Quest1997
Alazar’s Pleasure & Passion1997
Alexander Hamilton2016
Alex Horley Sketchbook2009
Alex Raymond: An Artistic Journey: Adventure, Intrigue and Romance2016
Alex Ross: Battle of the Planets Artbook2004
Alice In Wonderland: Adult Coloring Book2016
Aliens/Predator Panel to Panel2006
Aliens: The Set Photography2016
Aliens vs. Predator: Deadspace2008
All-American Girls (Alvarado’s…)2016
Alley Cat Lingerie Edition1999
Alphabetical Ballad of Carnality2006
Alternate Centaurs—Attack of the Naughty Bits2015
Al Williamson Archives2010
Al Williamson: Hidden Lands2004
Al Williamson Sketchbook1998
Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition, The (John Romita’s…)2012
Amazon Attack 3-D1990
America’s Best Comics Sketchbook2002
Ancient Book of Myth and War, The2007
Ande Rummel Sketchbook2008
Andru & Esposito: Partners for Life2006
And Then One Day2005-2008
Angel: After the Fall Cover Gallery2009
Angel: Covers2011
Angel: Old Friends Cover Gallery2006
Angel Portraits 100 Page Spectacular2011
Anime Angels 
Animosity Coloring Book2018
Anna Mercury Artbook: The New Ataraxia Mission2009
Appleseed ID2007
Apple Selection2011
Archie: 50 Times an American Icon2011
Architects of Fantasy1994
Arlene’s Heart2009
Army & Navy Fun Parade1942-1960
Army of Darkness Sketchbook2004
Art Attack1998
Arthur Adams Convention Special2018
Artistic Comics1973, 1995
Art of Abrams, The1996
Art Of Arantza, The2005
Art of Armando Huerta, The1998
Art of Aubrey Beardsley, The 
Art of Heath Robinson 
Art of Homage Studios, The1993
Art of Jay Anacleto, The2002
Art of Kirk Lindo, The1997
Art of Lola XOXO, The2016
Art of Mucha1991
Art of Paul Duffield, The2008
Art of Pulp Fiction, The1998
Art of Twilight Star, The2015
Art of Usagi Yojimbo, The1997-1998
Art of Wench, The2006
Art of Zen Intergalactic Ninja, The1994
Artxilla: Tasty Treats2005
Aspen Mascots2019
Aspen Sketchbook2003
Aspen Splash: 2006 Swimsuit Spectacular2006
Aspen Splash: 2007 Swimsuit Spectacular2007
Aspen Splash: 2008 Swimsuit Spectacular2008
Aspen Splash: 2009 Swimsuit Spectacular2009
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