Nick Mag Presents Special Edition #1

Nickelodeon Magazines     March, 2005

NN; Nick Mag Presents, Spring 2005: The Best of Nickelodeon Magazine All-Comics issue

Sez Who!; Only the Shadow nose; Worming His Way; Drawn to Comics; The Tediously Detailed Adventures of Juanita & Clem, Tongue Twister; Grampa and Julie and Jef; Searching the Seas for Stephen the Shark; Why I’m Glad My Dog Can’t Talk; Behind the Scene But Not Heard; Comical Coupons; The Wheel World; The Goatee Conundrum; Sam Hill and Ray-9 the Radio-Controlled Dog; Joke Bug; The Wish; Color Me Stupid; Lost Bug; Fiona of the Felines; The Fake Snot Ploy; Nap Time; Fun Time; Star Stuff; Funny Ha Ha; The Worst Comic Book Heroes That Never Existed; Cross Comix; Cody Starbuck; The Comic Book Cards; Signal Corps!; What’s Z Problem?; Hey Arnold!; Amanda & Her PandaEugene Lumber: King of All Lumberjacks; Bad DogThe Terrors of the Tiny Tads; Walk This Way; Sound Advice; The Prankster in the Comics "Special Effects" Department

 Craig Bartlett, Sherm Cohen, Stephen DeStefano, Derek Drymon, Frank Pittarese, Craig Thompson, John Zakour, Chris Duffy, Craig Boldman, Scott McCloud, Jef Czekaj, Scott Roberts, Ian Baker, Johnny Ryan, Bill Alger, Stuart Immonen, Corey Barba, Kieron Dwyer, John Accurso, Charise Mericle Harper, Sam Henderson, Dan Moynihan, Mark Martin, James Kochalka, Terry Laban, Ellen Forney, Michael Kupperman, Bobby London, Andi Watson, Scott Cunningham, Gustave Verbeck, Steven Weissman, Sean Carolan, Jennifer Moore

 Mark Crilley, A. Augenblick, Ian Baker, Stuart Immonen, Craig Thompson, Johnny Ryan, Bill Alger, Scott Roberts, Corey Barba, Kieron Dwyer, John Accurso, Sam Henderson, Ron Barrett, Dynamic Duo Studio, Rollin McGrail, David Moyers, Mitch O'Connell, Robert Prince, James Kochalka, Robert Leighton, Tim Hamilton, Mark Newgarden, Pat Moriarty, Gustave Verbleck, Steve Weissman, Mark Martin, Carl Greenblatt, Ted Couldron, Nick Jennings, Jay Lender, Stephen DeStefano, Scott McCloud, Jef Czekaj, Charise Mericle Harper, Dan Moynihan, Terry Laban, Ellen Forney, Michael Kupperman, Bobby London, Craig Bartlett, Andi Watson, Scott Cunningham

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