Glyph #1

Labor of Love

NN; Anthology; Magazine; B&W

Tin Horn Tales; Black Hills; Bonecage Graffiti; The Field of Heather; La Nina (Tales From the Bathroom Floor); Young Neil Young; On The Wall; Home Sweet Not; Thief of Dreams; The Underbelly; Blind Lemmings; Mole; Daphne’s Revenge; Billi 99; Past Hope

 Daniel Rivers, Daniel Braum, David Lee Ingersoll, Michael O’Connell, Sarah Bell, David Lasky, David Dennis, Magdalena Crow, Kolsha Liquet, Sarah E. Byam, Stephen DeBonrepos

 Justin Norman, Chuck Drost, David Lee Ingersoll, Brian O’Connell, Sarah Bell, David Lasky, Pia Guerra, Ted Naifeh, Jen Graves

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