Justice League of America #1

DC     November, 1960

1st Appearance of Despero; Origin of Despero

The World of No Return!; educ: What’s the Difference Between…; educ: What’s Wrong?

 Gardner Fox, Julius Schwartz

 Mike Sekowsky

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Very Fine  
United States comicgranpop $9,200.00 1st appearance Mysterio (identified as such) Origin of Mysterio J’onn J’onzz Green Lantern Superman Membership consists of Flash, WonderWoman, J’onn J’onzz, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and Aquaman WonderWoman
Very Good  
United Kingdom Silverdollarcomics $750.00 Origin of Despero. Restored. Hole punch on spine goes through the book but has been restored. ( Nice looking book though. )
United States CapCoComics $1,700.00 Cover loose at bottom staple, "DC" circle on front cover blackened in. Scans available