Archie…Archie Andrews, Where Are You? Digest Magazine #27

Archie     August, 1983

Comparisons; Oil-Foil; Li’l Jinx: Buy Buy; Doom Buggy; Mr. Weatherbee: Too Many Cooks; Proxie Moxie; Betty: Some Changes Made; Window Pain; The Eyes Have It; Cruel Rule; Nervous Service; Betty: Sleepy Time Gal!; The Dark Horse; The French Connection; Tennis Anyone?; Betty: Baited and Dated!; Beach or Bust; Li’l Jinx: This Side Up!; The Dummies; Heat Treat; Reggie: Yelp for Help!; Hood Winked!; Fat Charley: Weigh Out; Family Affair; Betty and Veronica: The Trainer; Hand to Mouth!; Canoe Conniver; Li’l Jinx: Hue Don’t Say!; On the Run; Sandy Dandy; When Safety is Your Bag!

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