Crazy (Magazine) #5

Marvel     July, 1974

Westworld, Mike Douglas, Bayer, Dinah’s Place, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, I Love Lucy, Walter Cronkeit, What’s My Line?, Let’s Make a Deal, General Hospital, Newlywed Game, Lights Out, The Way We Were, Ozzie’s Girls, Billy Jack, The Starlost, Westworld, Crest parodies

Commercials That Drive You CRAZY, No. 4: Buy-Our Aspirin; Daytime Television; Streaking; Lights On, Nobody; Nixonland; History of Moosekind, Part V; Poli-Tickles; Realistic Toy Catalogue; CRAZY’s Just Plain Folks No. 2; Heck We Were!, The; Oozie’s Girls; Billy Jerk; Starloose!, The; Worstworld; Commercials That Drive You CRAZY, No. 5: Crust Toothpaste

 Marv Wofman, Roy Thomas, Jean Thomas, Stan Lee, Bob Foster, Tony Isabella, Steve Gerber, Bruce Garlin, Allen Goffstein

 Dick Wright, Vince Colletta, Marie Severin, Vance Rodewalt, Bob Foster, Ralph Reese, Robert Graysmith, Bob McLeod

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Very Fine to Near Mint  
United States RHobold $1.75 Cover Bends: very small(1/4" or less) which may disturb the color, Binding Quality: slight mis-centering of cover, Corners: slightly blunted
United States cyberspacecomics $14.99 Westworld spoof cover