Snarf #10

Kitchen Sink     February, 1987


School Daze; They were in Love; Aging with Larry; P.S.Mueller cartoons; Back to Obedience School; the Floating Skull; Madam X from Planet Sex; Omaha the Cat Dancer; Mortimor Gergi; Phoebe & the Pigeon People; Creepy Snuff Porn; The Lord of Eltingville His Way

 J.D. King, John Eberly, P.S. Muller, Chester Brown, Dennis Worden, Kate Worley, Marc Hansen, Howard Cruse, Drew Friedman

 Skip Williamson, J.D. King, Mary Fleener, P.S. Mueller, Chester Brown, Dennis Worden, Reed Waller, Marc Hempel, Howard Cruse, Drew Friedman

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