The Superman Family #168

DC     January, 1975

SuperGirl; Jimmy Olsen: Supermanís Pal Jimmy Olsen #86; Lois Lane: Supermanís Girl Friend Lois Lane #56; Krypto: Superboy #122; Mr. Mxyzptlk: Superman #169; Lana Lang: Superboy #111; Brainiac: Action Comics #280; 100 Pages

Supergirl: The Girl With the See-Through Mind!; Jimmy Olsen: Jimmyís D-Day Adventure!; Lois Lane, Super-Telepath!; The Fugitive Krypto; Mr. Mxyzplk: The Infernal Imp!; Superboy: Lana Langís Mystic Power!; Superman: Brainiacís Super-Revenge!

 Elliot S! Maggin, Leo Dorfman, Otto Binder, Jerry Siegel

 John Rosenberger, Curt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, George Papp

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United States comicgranpop $49.00  
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United States bolt_boy $18.00 FN+ Supergirl reprinted from Action #350 Bizarro Luthor reprinted from Adventure #293 Lois Lane story new
United States donner5 $20.00 FN/FN+
United States $1.00 100 Page giant Missing cover, pages