Comic Cavalcade #6

DC     March, 1944

Spring 1944

Wonder Woman: The Mystery of Countess Mazuma; Mutt & Jeff; Hop Harrigan Quarterly Award for Flying Heroism (text); In Humble Tribute to Tech Sgt. James G. Kehoe; Hop Harigan: Sometimes a Fella’a Got to Fight His Evil Self; Green Lantern: They Are Invincible; Doiby Dickles Goes On A Case: Paper Salvage! (1 pg); Sargon the Sorcerer: Auction of Happiness; Red White & Blue: Local Boy Missing in Action; The Grandfather’s Clock (text); Flash: Topsy Turvy Town; Educational: Flash: Salvage Drive

 William Moulton Marston, Jon L. Blummer, Alfred Bester, Gardner Fox, Bud Fisher, Evelyn Gaines

 Harry G. Peter, Jon L. Blummer, Paul Reinman, Howard Purcell, Joe Gallagher, Everett E. Hibbard, Bud Fisher

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