The Big All-American Comic Book #1


128 pages; One of the first DC Annuals; Wonder Woman, Mutt and Jeff, Scribbly and the Hunkel Family, The Atom, Little Boy Blue, Johnny Thunder, Hop Harrigan, The Whip, Pint Size Pete, green Lantern, The Ghost Patrol, Mr. Terrific, Wildcat, Hawkman, and The Flash appear; ca. 1944

Danny the Demon Had Plans; Mutt and Jeff; Meet J. Groaner Crooner; The Ten Buck Nut; Meet Explorer Jane; Putting on the Dog; Three Fugitives from Clarence; Peach Pet Meets the Big Bad Wolf; The Fatal Charm of Tank Tinker; Warpath; Simply Shocking; Heroes are Born…Not Made!; Meet Honest John; Models for Crime; wildcat Meets the Kidder; A Hot Time in the Old Town; Leary Leery McSneery

 William Moulton Marston, Bud Fisher, Al Smith, Ronald Santi, Sheldon Mayer, Joseph Greene, John B. Wentworth, Jon L. Blummer, A.W. Nugent, Gardner Fox, Ed Wheelan

 Harry G. Peter, Bud Fisher, Al Smith, Ronald Santi, Sheldon Mayer, Joe Gallagher, Frank Harry, Stan Aschmeier, Jon L. Blummer, Homer Fleming, A.W. Nugent, Paul Reinman, Joe Kubert, Everett E. Hibbard, Ed Wheelan

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