Manhunt #2

Print Mint     December, 1974

36 pages; Adult; B&W

I Was a Fag Hag; My Lovers’ Line-Up; A Seperate Reality; Child Molester; Meet Mark Turk; A Hard Man is Good to Find…; I Cheated to Save My Marriage; The Man from M.A.C.H.O.; Astro-Match; Henry’s Punctured Romance; Cock o’ the Wok; I Wuz a Teenage Intellekshul

 Gary Hallgren, Justin Green, Lee Marrs, Leslie Cabago, Lola Bennet, Sharon Rudahl, Sheridan Anderson, Ted Richards, Willy Murphy

 Gary Hallgren, Justin Green, Lee Marrs, Leslie Cabarga, Sharon Rudahl, Sheridan Anderson, T. Stanley, Ted Richards, Trina Robbins, Willy Murphy

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