Whiz Comics #1

Fawcett     February, 1940

No number on cover

1st Appearance of Golden Arrow (Roger Parsons); 1st Appearance of Ibis the Invincible (Prince Amentep); 1st Appearance of Spy Smasher (Alan Armstrong); 1st Appearance of Captain Marvel (Billy Batson); 1st Appearance of Admiral Corby; Origin of Captain Marvel (Billy Batson); Scoop Smith; Lance O’Casey; Dan Dare; Captain Marvel; Listed as #2 in indicia; Ibis the Invincible; Golden Arrow; Spy Smasher

Captain Marvel; Ibis the Invincible; Golden Arrow; Spy Smasher; Scoop Smith; Lance O’Casey; Seals of Doom

 Bill Parker

 C.C. Beck, Greg Duncan, Bob Kingett

No copies

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