Kimota! The Miracleman Companion #1

TwoMorrows     September, 2001

Introduction by Alex Ross

Introduction; Whatever Happened to Our Miracleman?; The Man Behind Miracleman, Mick Angelo; Rebirth; Revival abd Revelations, Alan Moore interview; Bonus, Alan Moore’s original proposal; Bonus, A Chronology of Everything (Almost); Bonus, Dez Skinns Warrior Cover Stories; Reign Of The Warror King, Dez Skinn interview; Bonus, Complete Miracleman Index; The Architect of Miracleman, Garry Leach interview; Bonus, Alan Moore’s Script For Miracleman #1; Magic, Words & Marvelmen, Alan Davis interview; Olympus; Backum & the Art of Violence, Chuck Austen interview; Comic Book Artist as Midwife, Rick Veitch interview; The Art of Rendering Olympus, John Totlben interview; Bonus, John Totleben sketchbook; Moore & Totleben’s Lost Lux Brevis, an unpublished story; A Message From John Totleben; Miracleman & the Days of Eclipse, Cat Yronwode interview; The Golden Age; Ages of Gold, Silver and the Darkness, Neil Gaiman interview; In the Age of Miracleman, Mark Buckingham interview; Bonus, Unseen pages from the never-published Miracleman #25; The Marvelman Cover Story, Barry Windsor-Smith interview; The Dark Age; Miracleman & the Post-Eclipse Days, Beau Smith interview

 George Khoury, Alex Ross, Alan Moore, Steve Moore, Jon B. Cooke, John Totleben

 Mick Anglo, Garry Leach, Rick Veitch, Wally Wood, John Totleben, Alan Davis, Steve Dillon, Mick Austin, Chris Sprouse, Don Lawrence, John Ridgway, Mark Buckingham, Angus McKie, David Lloyd, Chuck Austen, Stephen R. Bissette, Mike Deodato Jr., Kelley Jones, Melinda Gebbie, Barry Windsor-Smith, Jim Lee, Ashley Wood

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