Wizard: The Comics Magazine #148 Variation B

Wizard     February, 2004

Superman/Supergirl cover; Wizard Fan Awards 2004 ballot insert; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos interview; Superman/Batman #8 Preview; Jessica Biel interview; Marvel Knights 4 preview

Captain America’s West Wing; Creators Around the World; 2004 Preview; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Q+A; Spider-Man 2 Set Visit; Superman/Batman #8 Preview; Jessica Biel Q+A; Marvel Knights 4: 22-Page Preview; Basic Training: Textures; Brian K. Vaughan Profile

 Christopher Lawrence, Richard Ho, Brad Bowersox, Todd Casey, Mike Cotton, Jesse Thompson, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Jeph Loeb, Jessica Biel, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Joe Kubert, Heidi Ward

 Dan Quilles, Ryan Dunlavey, Michael Turner, Steve McNiven, Mark Morales, Mike Mayhew, Joe Kubert

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