Archie & Friends Double Digest #12

Archie     March, 2012

Jughead as Captain Hero in Multiple Madness; Reggie in Topped; Reggie in Election Selection; Archie in Snow-Man is an Island; Archie-Right in the Kisser (puzzle); Reggie in Paper Caper; Jughead in That Doesn’t Add Up!; Archie & Friends in To Chill or Not to Chill; Archie in The Spinoff; Archie in Error Terror; Archie’s Mysteries; Archie’s Mysteries: Teen Scene Investigators; Moose in Foiled Again; Archie in Second Helping; The New Archies in Hot Dog Daze!; The New Archies in Getting a Rise Out of a Rose!; The New Archies in Snowball Brawl; Archie-Make It or Break Puzzle (puzzle); Archie in Psyche Saga; Archie in Window Shopping; Reggie in Ski Flee; Reggie in Snow Snicker; Archie in Bursting the Bubble!; Brrrr…It’s Cold Outside! (puzzle); Archie in Picture Perfect!; Open the Door, Dilton; Chuck in Monsterpiece Theater!

 Frank Doyle, Bill Golliher, Mike Pellowski, Craig Boldman, Dan Parent, George Gladir, Paul Castiglia, John Workman Jr., Joe Edwards, Scott Cunningham

 Bill Vigoda, Fernando Ruiz, Stan Goldberg, Henry Scarpelli, Dan Parent, Jeff Shultz, Rex W. Lindsey

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