Creepy Presents Richard Corben #1 Hardcover

Dark Horse     July, 2012


Frozen Beauty; A Tangible Hatred; The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas; Astrology; Friedhelm the Magnificient; The Slipped Mickey Click Flip; Lycanklutz; The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!; Change. . . Into Something Comfortable; Bless Us, Father; The Hero Within; Terror Tomb; Judas; Demon in the Cockpit; An Angel Shy of Hell; Pinball Wizard!; The Raven; Anti-Christmas; The Oval Portrait!; Shadow; Unprovoked Attack On A Hilton Hotel; The Believer; In Deep; The Mummy’s Victory; Instinct; Bowser; Bookworm; The Pest!; Bright Eyes!; Wizard Wagstaff; Child; Mind of the Mass!; Childhood’s End; The Butcher; Forgive Us Our Tresspasses; Bye-Bye Miss American Dream; Within You… Without You; Time and Time Again; You’re A Big Girl Now; Years & Mind Forever; A Woman Scorned

 José Villarrubia, Richard Corben, Gerry Boudreau, Donald F. McGregor, T. Casey Brennan, Greg Potter, Doug Moench, Bill DuBay, Steve Skeates, Rich Marg

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