Strange Galaxy #11

Eerie     August, 1971

Cover is reprinted from Perry Rhodan (German Series) #78 (Feb 1963)

Terror Asteroid is a rework of Mystery of Asteroid 9, Strange Worlds #9 (Avon, Nov 1952); A Hole in the Sky is reprinted from Weird v2n10; The Machine (text story) is a reprint of The Cleaning Machine, Startling Mystery Stories (March 1971) [written as Ronald Burke?]; Doom Creatures is reprinted from Witches Tales v1n9; Vampires From Dimension X is a reprint of Vampires From Beyond, Horror Tales v2n4; The Ghost Client (text story) is a reprint of The Settlement of Dryden vs Sharp, Mark Twain’s Library of Humor (1888); Locked in Time is reprinted from Tales of Voodoo v2n3; The Vampire Caper is reprinted from Tales of Voodoo v3n6

Terror Asteroid; A Hole in the Sky; The Machine; Doom Creatures; Vampires From Dimension X; The Ghost Client; Locked in Time; The Vampire Caper

 F. Paul Wilson, W.O. Inglis

 Antonio Reynoso, Ezra Jackson

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