Creepy (Magazine) #146 Variation A


$3.50 variant

Final Issue; Giant-size; ca. 1985

Sex Kitten; Creeps; Yellow Heat; The Dump Man; Too Many Termarrows; Dead Run; A Base & Nasal Hunger; Sacrifice; Grave Undertaking; To Kill A God; Super-Abnormal Phenomena Survival Kit; Werewolf; Creepy’s Lothsome Lore; Machinations Of Lust; No Hores Laughing Matter!

 Bill Wray, Archie Goodwin, Bruce Jones, Eric Shanower, Timothy Moriarty, Steve Perry, Roger McKenzie, Alex Toth, Wally Wood, Jim Stenstrum, Larry Ivie, Mike Harris, Greg Theakston, Doug Moench

 Bill Wray, S.K. Pierce, John Severin, Wally Wood, Russ Heath, Steve Perry, Vic Catan, Eric Shanower, Luis Bermejo, Alex Toth, Rafael Aura Leon

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