Sick #67

Charlton     May, 1969

Vol. 9 #3; April Fool issue

What’s Wrong With This Picture: An April Fool Think-Game; Paste This in Your Funk & Wagnall; Snappy Comebacks; Wise Old Proverbs Are No Longer Wise; Movie Review: Barbarella; Dudd For the Expense; The Camper’s Scrapbook; Sicknificant News of the Week; A Nation of Child Worshippers; The Spiro Agnew Reader; Rodrigues on Television; Who’s Stepping Out With Who… and All That Dirt; When Sammy Davis Jr. Went to THAT WILD, WILD PARTY!; /the Time Barbara Streisand Got Undressed in Public!; Contest: Win a Free Trip; Hollywood Horseplay; Lee Remick Confesses: The Whole World Knew About Our Affair!; When Joan Woodward Found Her Husband With Another Woman!

 Charles Rodrigues

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