Heavy Metal #218

Metal Mammoth     May, 2005

Vol. 29 #2

Galactic Geographic; Gallery on Max Bertolini; Dossier; Dumb Dogs; Mudwogs #3; The Winchester Club; Felicidad: Cloud Story; Scenes From the Border; The Depths of Gnar; Spatium; P-HPC; Another Whisky, Jack?

 Karl Kofoed, Steve Ringgenberg, Jean-Pierre Autheman, Arthur Suydam, Matthew Lebetkin, Thomas Mosdi, Marco Della Verde, Eric James Kraus, Luis Royo, Francesco Ciampi, Bezian

 Max Bertolini, Jean-Pierre Autheman, Arthur Suydam, Adrian Bamforth, Vincent Froissard, Stefano Cardoselli, Rudy Nebres, Luis Royo, Francesco Ciampi, Bezian

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