2000 A.D. Presents Sci-Fi Thrillers #1


Reprints from 2000 A.D.

The Visible Man; Colony Earth!; Homer the Barbarian; The Pioneer; The Amazing Maze Dumoir; Psi-Testers; Danger! Genius at Work; Candy and the Catchman; Universal Soldier; Tribal Memories; Life Cycle; Family; Xtnct; Superbean

 Pat Mills, Jim Watson, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Grant Morrison, Alan McKenzie, Peter Milligan, Dave Stone, Rob Williams, Paul Cornell

 Carlos Trigo, Montero, Jim Watson, Massimo Belardinelli, Jesus Redondo, Ian Gibson, Mike Dorey, Steve Dillon, John Ridgway, Will Simpson, Tony Wright, Henry Flint, Simon Fraser, D'Israeli, Mike McMahon

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